• Multicultural and cosmopolitan ambience mixed with ancestral traditions. Virgin beaches and hidden bays with crystalline waters, hippy culture, alternative life styles, movie stars, and a big part of the international jet set. Extravagant clubs and authentic Spanish restaurants, fashionable or traditional. That's what Ibiza is like, its light, its folks....a magic spirit which will inspire you. Let yourself be seduced by the white island, Ibiza is waiting for you!

    • Beaches and Secret Places

    • Without a doubt, when we talk about Ibiza, we refer to the enormous value which the nature on the island constitutes.

      Ibiza has more than 18 km of beaches with white sand, crystalline turquoise waters; with multiple possibilities, from places with an ample range of services to magic places, difficult to access, but  of unusual beauty.

    • Playa
    • The transparent waters of the Ibiza beaches owe their origin to the 'Posidonia Oceánica', recently awarded by the UNESCO the title of Heritage of Humanity.

      The reduced dimensions of the island allow us to enjoy in little time the infinite possibilities of visiting these beaches and secret places.

    • Gastronomy

    • Ibiza is synonymous with many things; some of which are the aroma of pine trees, the flavour of the sea, and its touch is as sweet as the tomatoes of the Ibicencan market gardens. There is only one way to enjoy this gastronomic journey: through the five senses. Thanks to its insularity and its Mediterranean location the culinary traditions have given rise to the seasonal products, rich in flavours and nuances, depending on the time of year we are in.

      We are talking about a gastronomy profundly Medterranean, where the trilogy of bread, wine and olive oil is omnipresent. The Mediterranean gastronomy is made to enjoy and share around an ample table, a very special experience. Also we are talking about an innovating gastronomy, where chefs from many different parts of the world, taking as a base the traditional Ibicencan food, innovate and share their experiences with us.

    • Ibiza Gastronomía
    • Whats up

    • Ibiza is worldwide known for its cosmopolitan ambience, likewise we always know where and when we start the evening, but we never know where we'll end up.

      The succession of events in magical places every day and every night in the summer, makes our choice really difficult.

      For the lovers of clubbing the possibilities are countless, for the lovers of restaurants and cocktail bars Ibiza offers a wide range of alternatives, and for those who are looking for peace and quiet, Ibiza offers this as well.

    • What ´s up Ibiza
    • Once you've decided how and in which way you will enjoy the night, Ibiza will not disappoint you, it very likely wll surpass your expectations. If you want something more private and local, like wine tastings or tapa tours, don' hesitate to ask us: we will gladly advise you about the best places on the island, which will help you to pass some unforgettable vacations.

    • Ibiza is also worldwide known for its fashion like the internationally famous Adlib Fashion. For this alternative take some time off, and relax strolling along the small side streets of the old city, Dalt Vila, World Heritage by the UNESCO. Sit down and have a coffee on one of the terraces, breathe in its hippy ambience, cosmopolitan as well. Sit down and enjoy, you are in Ibiza.

    • De compras en Ibiza
    • If you are looking for the perfect combination of gastronomy and relaxation, Ibiza offers you a variety of places far away from mass tourism. Intimate restaurants, hidden places..... 

      Just get a map and start to discover the island!

    • What ´s up Ibiza