Social Responsability

  • Ibiza FunRent a Car gets on with its commitment to the environment in the following way: Corporate Social Responsability and Green Foundation. This commitment makes us proud of our company and the objectives we pursue: a better world, more ecology, more humane and cleaner.

    • RSC

    • The social responsibility of Ibiza FunRent a Car stems from a set of actions that we take into consideration so that our activities will bear positive repercussions on society,  and confirm the principles and values that this society is based upon. Our social resposability is not merely based on our internal processes like for example developing internal processes to recycle residues. We understand it as well as the relations we have with the environment that surrounds us. The island of Ibiza offers us uncountable opportunities to manage this environment ourselves, like for example the participation in recycling workshops, or helping with the conversation and cleaning of the beaches of the Ibicencan coastline, supportive actions for the most needy, and many more opportunities that make us feel well with ourselves.

    • RSC
    • Green Foundation

    • The conversation of the environment has become one of the key objectives for Ibiza FunRent a Car. Therefore we have started an innitiative to donate part or the income generated by renting out cars to Ibiza Green Foundation. This non profit association realizes a multitude of activities in defense of the environment, and reminds us that without it we are nothing. Actions like cleaning beaches, reforestation of woods, recycling workshops, cleansing of forests, etc. are some of the activities that we are proud to collaborate with actively.

      Don't forget: Ibiza needs solidarity, and we will continue to collaborate with this noble cause.

    • Green Foundation Ibiza